Our Mission

“We work with companies to support every young person

to develop their skills, attitudes and armour for the challenges ahead”


How we can help you support the next generation and develop your staff


How your students can benefit from working with our company projects

Example projects

Events, activities, tools and experiences with companies

A bit of history

Founder of DoorWhatDoor Andrew Bernard (Bernie) decided to start working with young people through Innovative Enterprise after years in the wrong jobs.

There were a few moments of choice that have led to DoorWhatDoor:



At school in the 1980s

there was little career guidance or inspiration.

My choices were also limited through terrible A level results!


Post HND

After earning a Distinction in a Business Studies HND, I drifted into a number of  jobs in manufacturing, construction and Higher Education.

Around 2005

In 2005, with a ‘good job’ at a University I realized that the best part of my day was leaving work and feeling the blast of fresh air on my face.

Innovative Enterprise

In 2005/6 I set up Innovative Enterprise (IE) to ‘Bring the Future to Life’ for young people through enterprise and business workshops.

In schools, with business

Since setting up IE working in schools and with businesses we have supported 120,000 young people, teachers and employees.


In 2016 I was asked to deliver a talk at TEDxWhitehaven and through developing the talk on Engineering Random Opportunities to Succeed, the idea for DoorWHatDoor was born.

It was during the planning phase and the experience of this TEDx whitehaven talk that the concept of DoorWhatDoor was born.

Our Partners

We have helped these organisations to support young people


If your business wants to support young people, we can help!

What we can do for your organisation

At Door What Door we are about opening doors for young people – especially doors that they don’t even know about yet! What this means for your business is that students at any age get to know about the doors that provide their future options, pathways to those doors and more about your business – because you’ve helped them to find out about the opportunities!

What sort of things are we taking about? Depending on your aims, your budget and location we can help you to provide a number of elements which we can design with you. Because we want to support schools and make a difference, materials and experiences will be curriculum-linked and relevant to schools and /or colleges.

Your content and staff-involvement will be able to support teachers and / or young people in their future-focused development. continued……