Our Mission: “We work with companies to support young people to develop their skills, attitudes and armour for the challenges ahead”

Think back to your career path – was it planned, purposeful and as you thought it would be?

Or was it formed by a number of random events that somehow led you to being able to afford to buy a car, house and have the occasional holiday as well as enjoying some of the days you ‘re at work?

Well, if you’re like most of the people we’ve surveyed and worked with over the past two decades there will have been a few unscheduled U turns and diversions on your journey…with a bit of planning here and there.

This caused me to create and deliver the TEDxWhitehaven  you can see this in the side bar or by clicking this link– called Engineering Random Opportunities to Succeed.

For the past 12 years, as Innovative Enterprise, we have delivered workshops, programmes and talks in schools and colleges to support Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Creativity  as well as many sessions with Companies to support Career knowledge and inspiration.

Here are some of the Clients we’ve worked with supporting over 120,000 young people and adults in the past decade and a bit.