What can we do for your organisation?

At Door What Door we are about opening doors for young people – especially doors that they don’t even know about yet!

What this means for your business is that students at any age get to know about the doors that provide their future options, pathways to those doors and more about your business – because you’ve helped them to find out about the opportunities!

What sort of things are we taking about? Depending on your aims, your budget and location we can help you to provide a number of elements which we can design with you. Because we want to support schools and make a difference, materials and experiences will be curriculum-linked and relevant to schools and /or colleges. Your content and staff involvement will be able to support teachers and / or young people in their future-focused development.

  • Downloadable content – you can go National, International or even Global with materials that can be downloaded from the web and used as the teachers see fit. This could be lesson plans, experiments, career-based games or challenges.
  • One-Off Challenges in your town / city / region / country – to engage your staff, your brand and schools, an event does this really well. Perhaps a one-day student competition, multi-purpose conference and recruitment event or teacher development twilight CPD session. There is no substitute for feeling and experiencing something to help make it memorable.
  • Annual events – as above, these competitions, seminars, exhibitions or conferences could be held annually.
  • Competitive events – in or between schools. There’s nothing the sniff of competition to get the engagement going! Local competitions or regional challenges that lead to a Grand Final really help to raise excitement and engagement as well as being great for PR purposes. Your reputation will rise with the competitive spirit!
  • Digital content and competitions. An App that takes people through the skills and qualities needed for careers in your organisation; a game to highlight career options; videos and interviews with key individuals in your business / industry can inspire people and help the development of your image to young people.
  • Branded resources – we can design and supply physical or digital resources which, branded and linked to your business or organisation, will help to keep your brand name at the forefront of teacher and student minds when they are used. These can be downloaded for use in school or physically created and posted out after details are captured for your mailing lists.
  • Something else. We’ve turned our hand successfully to many types of content and design work for our commercial and educational clients. If you have an idea or have seen a concept you want developing speak to us, we can help.